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We would like to introduce you to our expanded CUSTOM Bowstring department, Wicked Twisted Bowstrings, a division of Trader Jan’s Archery Pro-Shop. We’ve been making custom strings and cables for over 30 years and are now offering an additional way to purchase our strings with our Wicked Twisted Website!  A benefit to choosing us as a string supplier is that we can provide that personal touch to each and every bowstring we make for you and your customer. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to customize their Archery equipment?  We offer the ability to make endless color combinations and serving string options to suit your personality and personal preference best. Solid tone, multi-color options, up to 4, and pinstripe options with pricing all listed in the packages.

Now you are probably wondering why choose Wicked Twisted Bowstrings as your bowstring supplier? In addition to our years of experience making the best product for you we also have the latest technology to help provide superb quality, string after string. Our shop is fully equipped with Specialty Archery’s “Super Server” serving machine to lay the most consistent servings possible in larger batches giving you and your customers endless confidence.


By applying pneumatic tension we are able to give a more controlled platform to monitor our stretching in larger batches, as well. By choosing a custom made bowstring from us we give you cutting edge technology combined with that handmade quality touch that will keep you and your customers coming back time after time.  Thank you for choosing Wicked Twisted Bowstrings as your trusted string maker.

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